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Classic Automobile Insurance

Call it what you want -- classic car insurance, collector car insurance, antique car insurance… the result is the same – your most prized possession deserves an insurance policy that matches its value.

A typical classic car insurance policy includes the following:

  • Agreed value coverage: Pays for the car’s full-insured value with no depreciation in the event of a total loss, less your deductible.
  • Inflation guard: To compensate for inflation and appreciation, the policy increases the vehicle’s value quarterly.
  • Spare parts coverage
  • Flexible usage: Limits on mileage ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 miles annually. Not limited to parades.

You also have the opportunity to further protect your collector car, with coverage such as emergency towing, roadside assistance, emergency lockout, emergency travel expenses, theft reward, car show expenses, and personal effects.

Snowmobile, Motorcycle & Boat Insurance

There’s nothing like the freedom you feel when driving your snowmobile, motorcycle, or boat, but all can present many hazards to drivers, passengers, other motorists, and property.

Snowmobiles are primarily used on off-road terrain, over frozen bodies of water and alongside roads. As a result, they generally operate at high speeds and are prone to accidents and theft.

Many motorcycles are customized, which can make it difficult to establish the value after a loss. Optional accessories like chrome parts, a custom paint job, trailers, sidecars, and more should be covered in addition to your comprehensive and collision insurance coverages.

Boats can provide you and your family with years of enjoyment – ensure your pleasure by choosing the right insurance protection. From the basics, like physical damage and liability insurance to additional coverage options, like emergency service and umbrella liability, our agents can help you determine what your unique needs may be.

ATV Insurance and UTV Insurance

Many people think that their all-terrain and/or utility vehicles are covered under their homeowners insurance [link to homeowners insurance page]. But that is only true while the vehicle is on your property. ATV/UTV insurance will cover bodily injury and damage to others’ property if you get in an accident but can also cover the cost of damage to your vehicle caused from collision, fires, theft, vandalism and hail while on the road.

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Snowmobile Insurance

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