Life brings challenges. It’s important to have a local insurance agent who understands your lifestyle and can identify your personal risk. Umbrella insurance and additional policies can cover you when unforeseen accidents and expenses fall outside your traditional auto or homeowner policy.

Additional Personal Insurance Policies

Umbrella Insurance

There are many instances that can cause a rainy day, but there’s one solution that can help.

With a personal liability umbrella insurance policy, you are protected if you cause accidental injury to someone else or damage to his or her property. Would your current homeowners insurance policy limits cover you if a visitor to your home trips on your stairs and decides to sue you?

Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection if you're held responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property. An umbrella policy can offer coverage if you incur claim expenses that exceed the limits for your homeowners, auto, or other personal liability insurance policies.

Below are some common reasons to obtain an umbrella policy:

  • You have significant savings or other assets
  • You want to protect against potential losses of income
  • You own property
  • You own a business
  • You coach youth sports
  • You are a landlord
  • You participate in activities that could easily injure others
  • You own items, property or pets that can easily lead to injury lawsuits
  • You have inexperienced drivers in your household

No matter your net worth, umbrella insurance can serve as a fail-safe to protect your savings and assets. Talk to an agent to determine your personal risks and evaluate the amount of additional liability coverage under an umbrella policy that makes sense for you.

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Umbrella Insurance

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