PDCM Welcomes Sam Joerger

Published in What's Happening? on Thursday, January 19, 2023

PDCM is excited to be growing our Employee Benefits team to include Sam Joerger, our newest Account Manager.

Sam, a Denver, IA native, attended Wartburg College and graduated in 2022 with a Business Administration degree, with concentration in Supply Chain and Management. Before joining PDCM, Sam worked as a Supply Management Specialist and Buyer with John Deere. In his new role, Sam is most looking forward to learning the ins and outs of group benefits and working with clients.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys golfing, hunting, and spending time with his friends, family, and fiancé.

Get to know more about Sam:

What are some fun facts about you? The big one is that I share a birthday with my father and my fiancé, and we’re getting married in June. I also played football at Wartburg as a defensive cornerback.

Coffee or tea?  I would say coffee, though I enjoy tea as well. I have coffee every morning, but if I’m looking for something else in the afternoons, I would prefer tea.

Major fan of any sports teams? I am a big Iowa Hawkeyes fan, as well as Chicago Bears.

What are three items you would bring on a desert island? A container to hold water, a knife for tool purposes, and some rope or a paracord bracelet.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time? I read a lot of fiction – the Percy Jackson novels are a favorite by Rick Riordan. I have reread those a few times. My fiancé and I are also big Harry Potter nerds – we love those movies.

Sam Joerger headshot