HR Consulting & Training

Human resource compliance can be a challenge for many organizations.  Keeping up with yearly compliance changes is a daunting task for any operation, big or small.  Unfortunately, lapses in compliance efforts often aren't discovered until there's a problem or a lawsuit is filed.  Proactively managing your policies and procedures is your first line of defense to combat this growing challenge for business owners. 

"I was nervous about the [handbook updating] process since we have struggled for several years with a handbook and were embarrassed by our attempt. We were grateful to put it into the hands of a professional team who worked with us on some of the items we felt strongly about and was knowledgeable about the items we needed to include."

Kari T., Client

Talent management, employee development, and building an engaged workforce are often key objectives of leaders in any organization. Policies and procedures can only take an organization to a certain level. Trained supervisors, onboarding programs, and effective performance management processes can take you to new heights.

HRConnect provides HR consulting solutions and training for small to mid-size organizations to ensure compliance and improve workplace performance. Located in the Cedar Valley, HRConnect creates customized consulting and training solutions to help clients meet their people-related challenges. We leverage a team of specialists from Northeast Iowa to deliver top-quality deliverables and training classes.

Need compliance assistance? Our team can help you with handbooks, training, and conduct a comprehensive audit.

We partner with organizations, such as Threads and Follow Your Strengths, to strategically develop your culture.

Our training solutions can be customized for leaders, supervisors, or employees to address a variety of workplace themes.

Our team will review your onboarding program, job descriptions, and performance review process for improvement opportunities.

Professionals at HRConnect have a variety of educational backgrounds and career experiences to meet your needs.

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