Onboarding Program Review or Creation

What type of employee experience is your organization creating for new hires on their first day?  How about their first week, month, or 90 days on the job?  Do your new hires receive education surrounding your company history, leadership team, values and objectives?  Are they given the appropriate tools, technology, resources, training, and support to succeed in their role?  HRConnect can analyze the current state of your onboarding program through focus groups, interviews, or observing new hires.  If you do not have a program in place or need to improve your current processes and retention rates, let us help you create a top-notch experience for your new employees!

Job Description Review or Creation

How often is your organization reviewing the state of its job descriptions?  Are your job descriptions in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?  Are employees doing the same thing they were initially hired to do?  If not, have the job descriptions been revised?  HRConnect partners with the appropriate organizational leaders and employees to conduct job analysis and review sessions to focus on the job summary, essential functions, and requirements of the role.

Performance Management and Total Rewards Strategies

Is your organization going through the motions when it comes to performance management and review conversations?  Do your employees have clear expectations of the role they are to perform at work?  Do your leaders and supervisors understand how to motivate employees and what reward strategies influence performance?  HRConnect can analyze the current state of your performance management processes and provide guidance on opportunities for improvement and recommended best practices in this arena.  We highly recommend Threads software to our clients of all sizes, and with the 100% client retention rate at Threads, our clients are confident in this solution. 

Organizational Development