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HRConnect provides human resources consulting and local training for small to midsize organizations to ensure compliance and improve workplace performance. Our talented team of specialists creates customized HR solutions to help business owners meet their people-related challenges.

HR compliance can be challenging for organizations of any size. It’s an intense process involving several rules, laws and acts, from the Fair Labor Standards Act to sexual harassment and antidiscrimination laws. Keeping up with changes is an additional daunting task. All too often, lapses in HR compliance aren't discovered until there's a problem or a lawsuit is filed. Proactively managing your business’ policies and procedures is the first line of defense for HR compliance. Our advisers will get to know your company, review existing efforts and guide you on closing gaps and protecting your business. 

Talent management, employee development and building an engaged workforce are often key objectives of leaders in any organization. Policies and procedures can only take an organization so far with these goals. Trained supervisors, onboarding programs and effective performance management processes can take your business to new heights. Let our experienced HRConnect team provide the training and support your business needs to achieve the engaged, positive company culture you want.

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HR Compliance

Our knowledgeable HRConnect team will help you create legally compliant recruiting, hiring, disciplinary and termination procedures. Our key HR compliance services include handbook review or creation, harassment and discrimination training, HR Advisory Services and comprehensive HR audits. 

Employee Development

We partner with clients to create customized training programs for leaders, supervisors or employees. HRConnect leverages a team of outstanding trainers from northeast Iowa to deliver engaging, results-oriented training classes and developmental programs. 

Organizational Development

Our advisers will work with you to review and develop the resources you need to attract and retain a quality workforce. Services include onboarding program review or creation, job description review or creation, and performance management and rewards strategies. 

Culture and Engagement

Let HRConnect help you build a positive and engaged company culture that reflects shared values. We are proponents of powerful tools that we can put to work for you, including Threads customized review software for aligning values and results; Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessments and training for improved productivity, engagement and team building; and Kolbe Instinct Assessment to optimize hiring, training and managing of people.

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