HR Compliance

There are a host of legal concerns and compliance issues associated with recruiting, hiring, disciplining, and terminating employees. Are you confident your organization is in compliance with these laws?  Are your supervisors trained on their legal responsibilities and the correct behaviors related to investigating, reporting, or disciplining employees when workplace concerns arise? 

HRConnect can provide the information you need to create legally compliant recruiting, hiring, disciplinary, and termination procedures. Our cornerstone HR Compliance offerings include the following:

Employee Handbook Review or Creation 

With the ever-changing legal landscape impacting your business on the employee front, it is essential to have current policies and procedures.  HRConnect will lead your team through a review of your current handbook, asking detailed questions and providing recommendations regarding policies and verbiage. Our team owns the process of revising the document or creating the new handbook and will work side-by-side with your team until it’s time to roll out the new guide to employees. 

Harassment & Discrimination Training 

This 60-90 minute class will focus on awareness of policies regarding workplace issues related to harassment, discrimination, bullying, and social media.  The course is customized based on the client’s size, industry, and concerns in this arena.  It can be designed and delivered as a session for all employees or for supervisors and management.  An employee session typically focuses on identifying unlawful harassment and the avenues for reporting.  A management session focuses on supervisor responsibilities, how to identify and receive complaints, and the steps to follow in an investigation process.

HR Advisory Services 

Our team of experienced HR professionals are ready to respond to your general, HR-related questions by phone or voicemail Monday through Friday.  The team is available to provide resources and information, listen to an employee situation and the client’s plan, or coach you through a difficult employee relations issue.

HR Audit 

An HR Audit examines two key areas of your organization: compliance and best practices in HR functions.  HRConnect will take an in-depth look at your organization’s HR functions, Policies and Practices, Employee Development, Culture, and Engagement Initiatives.  Our team will spend significant time with an organization’s leadership team, HR department, and examining documentation and employee files. We deliver a comprehensive analysis of your current state, including key findings, recommendations, and level of risk and priority for recommended changes.

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HR Compliance

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