Culture and Engagement

Every company is different, which means the way that its culture is formed will be different and unique. Retaining employees who are engaged and productive is not only good for employee morale, but also for your bottom line. Turnover can be extremely expensive. Let our HR professionals guide your business to a healthy and happy workplace.


HRConnect has partnered with Threads, incredible software that allows organizations to create customized review criteria that reflects its values and goals.  Threads helps you build your company culture by aligning values and results and clearly recognizing those employees who do both and identifying those employees who don’t.

Follow Your Strengths

HRConnect has formed a strategic partnership with Follow Your Strengths and Traci McCausland, as one of the first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches in the state of Iowa.  Follow Your Strengths leverages the Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment in its training and coaching services to help build the language of strengths into organization culture, improve productivity, and increase employee engagement levels. We offer strengths-based employee workshops, team building training sessions, and individual coaching.

Kolbe Instinct Assessment

HRConnect leverages the knowledge and passion of Pat McKinney, a certified Kolbe External Consultant, to help our clients interested in optimizing hiring, training and managing people.  The Kolbe® Instinct Assessment brings the power of human instincts to focus on individual and team high performance.

Culture and Engagement