Cyber Security Consulting

Introducing “CyberSmarter,” a PDCM cyber security testing and training platform that helps keep your employees and data safe from cyber-attacks.  

Education, testing, and the active involvement of employees in your cyber defense are essential components of your IT Strategy. CyberSmarter allows you to take on the role of an attacker and uncover and close gaps in the technical infrastructure and the staff. 

CyberSmarter offers full-featured cyber security training to educate and test employees cyber knowledge. CyberSmarter also offers infrastructure testing with our malware testing toolkit to simulate attacks. 

Why is cyber security consulting important?

When cyber attacks like data breaches and hacks occur, they can result in devastating damage. Businesses have to deal with business disruptions, lost revenue, and litigation. It is important to remember that no organization is immune to the impact of cyber-crime. As a result, cyber liability insurance has become an essential component to any risk management program.

Cyber threats include dangers such as viruses erasing entire systems, intruders breaking into systems and altering files, intruders using your computer or device to attack others and intruders stealing confidential information. The spectrum of cyber risks is limitless; threats, some more serious and sophisticated than others, can have wide-ranging effects on the individual, community, organizational and national levels.

A data breach could cripple your business, costing you thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenue, sales, damages and reputation. Contact PDCM Insurance today. We have the tools necessary to ensure you have the proper coverage to protect your company against losses from cyber attacks.

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