The manufacturing spectrum is complex and varied, covering a wide range of industries.  Getting quality product safely out the door to customers requires a constant vigilance to the company’s risk landscape, which includes everything from safety and regulatory, to employment practices and product performance once it reaches the buyer.

Whether your product is raw material or consumable goods, part of that risk landscape also includes your business insurance...  The customary Property and General Liability is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of sufficient protection.  Specialty coverage (such as Cyber and Pollution for example) must be key considerations in today’s environment as well.

PDCM has experts that can help manage that risk, allowing you to focus on what’s important – Your business.  PDCM’s team can service your insurance needs across the full spectrum, which extends far beyond just placing the customized initial coverage that best protects your operations.  Ongoing support available from our in-house consulting services include OSHA Compliance and Safety, HRConnect, and CyberSmarter.

A trusted partner is a critical component of the insurance formula.  When it comes to minimizing your manufacturing business risk, it’s not about working harder.  It’s about working smarter.  Contact PDCM for more information.