Home Appraisal Services


Having a detailed inventory of your property helps ensure the accuracy and speed of an insurance claim.

Many of our clients also find their inventory is a great tool for estate planning and recording the history and value of heirlooms. Our process begins with a video, narrated by you the homeowner, to capture the details about your property as you describe it. We then take hundreds of digital photographs throughout your home using a professional camera. Next, we voice-record model and serial numbers of high-theft and big-ticket items such as tools and appliances. Finally, we scan any documentation you have for your property such as receipts and appraisals. You keep a copy and we back up your inventory digitally in a safe deposit box at no added cost.

Inventory Service Package

Our inventory service includes:

  • Complete video tour of your home and assets located inside and out.
  • Detailed digital report of your assets.
  • Report includes (provided on CD-R).
  • Photographic record of assets located in your home.
  • Serial numbers recorded for high theft items (electronics, tools, etc.).
  • Model numbers recorded for high value items (appliances, office equipment, etc.).
  • Scanned copy of appraisals and receipts (provided by homeowner).
  • Storage of your inventory and video(s) in a safe deposit box.
  • Discounts on future inventories from Asset Protection Specialists, LLC.

Having a professionally prepared inventory of your assets can also provide better insurance coverage. A home inventory might help to identify assets that may need to be on a separate scheduled property form in order to be accurately insured to value.