Disaster Planning

Disaster PlanningA recent study showed that following a disaster, 40% of businesses fail to recover and close.

Protect the business you've worked so hard to build. There's no such thing as a minor disruption. Any event that prevents work from happening can be catastrophic for a business. The reality is that disasters happen every day. Whether it's a broken water pipe, a building fire, or tornado; rest assured that we'll rescue your business.

PDCM has the tools to deliver the 4 key elements of recovery:

  • Power
  • Technology
  • Work Space
  • Connectivity.

We'll get your business back in business - fast.

Disaster PlanningAt PDCM we have assisted our clients in evaluating their exposure of all types of risk, whether insurable or not. We then assist them in developing an actionable plan that can be communicated and implemented in the event of a disaster. Be prepared with PDCM Insurance.