IA Risk Management & OSHA Compliance

Risk exists in every facet of your organization. Worker's compensation claims, difficult employees, accidents and unplanned OSHA visits can become an overwhelming burden. Our strategic, company-wide Risk Reduction Approach™ helps protect your balance sheet, lower your insurance rates and increase your profitability.

What our risk management advisors do

First, we spend time with you analyzing loss trends, determining problem areas and recommending ways to reduce risk in all facets of your business, whether insurable or not. Next, the Team creates and implements your Risk Reduction Plan. The Plan tackles your critical issues immediately and then systematically addresses other facets of your business.

We can provide proven safety programs, analysis of your workers' compensation experience modifier and tailor-made loss control strategies. These services, along with our experienced staff, can help reduce the cost your company pays for business insurance.

 PDCM risk management services can include:

  • Analyze company-wide losses in order to identify trends as well as areas for improvement.
  • Assist clients with OSHA record keeping and incident rate calculation.
  • Evaluate client safety & health policies.
  • Perform on-site accident investigations.
  • Participate in safety committees.
  • Assist with industrial hygiene and ergonomic studies.
  • Develop client-specific training programs.
  • Assess, monitor, and measure service provided by insurance companies.
  • Maintain a safety library.
  • Provide innovative financing alternatives for complete risk management programs.
  • Work to develop risk reduction and risk control programs consistent with our clients' needs.
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