Make Peace with Food and Your Body -- Rediscover the Pleasures of Eating

Posted: 8/12/2013 in Insurance News

There is so much information about what to eat, what not to eat, what to weigh and how to diet that it is overwhelming. About the time you settle into what you believe to be true, you read an article that totally contradicts your newly found set of information. All these “shoulds” and “should nots” can take the pleasure out of eating the food you normally enjoy.

On Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 pm, Lang Hall Auditorium, UNI, there will be a presentation by Evelyn Tribole that will help you become the expert of your own body and food choices. Tribole is an award-winning registered dietician with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, California, specializing in helping people create a healthy relationship with food and their mind and body. She has written eight books, was the nutrition expert for Good Morning America, and was a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association for six years.

Tribole’s presentation will include information on awakening the intuitive eater inside of you, which will pave the way for making peace with food and your body. Intuitive eating focuses on nurturing your body and encourages a reconnection with your body’s innate signals of hunger, fullness and food preferences while helping you find your natural weight. For more information, contact Joan Thompson at 319-273-2137 or

This event is a part of the Reaching for Higher Ground, Food Matters project, and Blue Zones Project is one of the sponsors. This is topic is important because we all eat! There will be a variety of events regarding this issue during this coming year. Check out for up-to-date information.