Individual Vision Insurance

Individual Vision Insurance

Vision, it’s an everyday function we often take for granted. Without vision, we would not be able to perform daily activities such as driving to work and reading the newspaper. In addition to testing your eye sight, regular eye exams can help detect and maintain conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts that can cause vision loss. At PDCM, we understand the importance and health benefits of vision insurance. We recognized that everyone has different vision needs, that is why we have individual plans which we can cater to your vision needs.


VSP Vision Care is available through PDCM. View the VSP insurance policies find the best vision insurance policy for you. Most vision plans require a premium that will cover part or all costs of vision care.


Properly developed vision is essential to your child’s development. Vision is an important component for health insurance for children. A baby’s eyes should be checked at birth and throughout the first year through regular doctor visits. All children around 6 months should undergo a complete eye exam. Between the ages of 3 and 6 children are developing the necessary visual motor skills to learn to read and write. Eye exams are important during this stage to ensure that vision is developing properly and are able to detect any developing eye diseases. After the age of 6, it is recommended that children receive an eye exam every two years even if no vision problems exist. These exams help detect eye complications such as astigmatism, nearsidedness, and farsightedness. If these complications go without correction, it could cause learning issues at school. 

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