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Individual Dental Insurance Iowa

Individual dental insurance

Keep calm and smile on with dental insurance from PDCM. We are committed to provide affordable dental insurance to individuals and family. Explore the opportunities and benefits of dental insurance for individuals.

plan options:

  • Indemnity Plans - allow you to pick your own dentist and are considered a fee-for-service plan.  They come with limitations and co-payment stipulations, meaning that you pay a flat fee for your visit to the dentist and have an annual limit on dental spending coverage. There may also be specific limits for individual procedures. 
  • Self-Insurance Plans - are similar to indemnity plans, but you may not be able to pick your own dentist.
  • Closed Panel Plans - limit you to only a few facilities and dentists to receive care.
  • Capitation Plans - designate certain dentists for a schedule of treatments. Dentists will receive payment regardless of whether the treatment was required.
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) - limit you to only a few dentists who can provide care at a discounted cost.
  • Dental Care Service Plans - are groups of dentists who create a nonprofit organization, providing care at set fees.

Waiting Period
Usually individual plans involve a waiting period. The waiting perod means you will not have coverage for certain services (typically Class III procedures) for the amount of time specified in the plan. This prevents soemone from purchasing insurance for temporary use for a major dental surgery, then dropping the coverage when the policy expires.

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