Employee Wellness


Employee wellness is fundamental to any employer whose goal is to maintain a long-term, financially sustainable employee benefits program.  PDCM believes so strongly in employee wellness as a value added service that we developed our EMPower Program.  The EMPower Program works with employers to develop customized wellness benefits plans that drive engagement, promote accountability, and help employees manage their health risks and chronic conditions.

Why EMPower Wellness?

As the cost of healthcare rises in the United States, Americans are being called to take control of their personal health. Statistics show that 75% of all healthcare spending is used treating conditions that are lifestyle related and preventable. Studies also suggest employees who feel valued and appreciated by their employers are far more likely to be productive, go the extra mile, and hold themselves accountable for the duties they are responsible for. They will also be happier in their roles, which leads to the development of a dedicated and loyal team.

One way to show employees you value them and their work is to offer them a chance to participate in a workplace wellness program. Balancing the health and productivity of your employees on top of other priorities can be hectic, and finding room in the budget for a wellness program may not be easy. We’re here to help.

The EMPower Program is a results-based wellness program. Research tells us that when a result-based program is implemented properly,  the programs not only work, but they transform lives.  By rewarding participants for achieving a result or for making improvement in the right direction, you are motivating them to live a healthier lifestyle. Our EMPower team designs and develops a program that is right for your population.  As a result, you will start seeing real behavior change take place resulting in controlled healthcare costs.