Meet Our Team

Contact one of our PDCM Health Insurance Experts today. Our staff is experienced, resourceful, and determined to get the job done and review on an ongoing basis.


John has been helping employers design and implement employee benefits programs since 1997. He serves as a consultant to public... more
Grant is an employee benefits consultant with PDCM Insurance.  He began his career in 2008 working for a third party administrator designing and implementing... more

 Jim Schiltz has been with us since 2003. He specializes in providing benefits to individuals and small groups who have 25 or fewer employees enrolled on the plan. Jim  organizes employee meetings...more


Teresa has over 14 years of experience in employee benefits. She handles complex and challenging situations faced by our larger employer... more
Alexia joins PDCM Insurance as an assistant account manager in the Life and Health Division... more

Jeff joins PDCM as an assistant account manager in the Life and Health division. Jeff comes to PDCM with over 10 years in the financial services industry...more

Kelsey Carriger

Kelsey Carriger has 10+ years of customer service experience. Her background includes working in healthcare patient services...more

Michelle Volkens joins PDCM Insurance as a Life and Health Division Account Manager working primarily with our small groups and in the development of our Benefits Center... more



Nathan serves PDCM Insurance as an Individual Life Specialist, where he is able to guide people through Medicare and Individual Healthcare insurance decisions... more


Carly Miller is a Life and Health Wellness Coordinator for PDCM Insurance.  Her main role is to coordinate, implement, and evaluate comprehensive  ... more
Liz DeJoode is the Vice President of Employee Benefits for PDCM Insurance.  Her main role is to research and implement innovative cost containment... more