PDCM Culture


Our ICONS symbolize an action or feeling that we want our clients to experience with every interaction. As a team, we encourage each other to live out each of our ICONs in the way that we serve our clients. Since one of our corporate values is to celebrate our successes, we celebrate one another by highlighting examples of ICONic service each month.

  •  Anticipate & Fulfill Needs

  • Positivity

  • Follow Through

  • Trust

  • Empathy

Community Involvement and Pay It Forward Program

At PDCM we feel strongly about actively and positively contributing to the Cedar Valley, and we support those efforts through our Pay It Forward Program. Employees are encouraged to belong to civic organizations and participate in volunteer activities that not only enrich the nature of their employment at PDCM but also their personal well-being. To commit to enhancing our community and ourselves, PDCM offer eligible employees paid time off for volunteering in the community. 

PDCM Cares Program

This program allows employees to nominate non-profit organizations in the community to receive financial assistance. The funds come from our employees who voluntarily choose to donate $4 per month, and PDCM matches those funds dollar-for-dollar. PDCM Cares helps make a lasting impact in the organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. In the past, PDCM has donated to Boys & Girls Club of the Cedar Valley, Americans for Independent Living, and the American Red Cross.